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The flu affects up to 20% of the population every year. The sooner you address your symptoms, the lower your chances of contracting severe complications and spreading the illness to those around you. At All Patients Urgent Care, Ahmad Alabbas, MD provides men, women, and families living in or around Novi, Michigan, comprehensive and effective flu treatments. His expert treatments allow you to fight this devastating respiratory illness expediently. Are you experiencing flu symptoms? Contact the office immediately by phone or online to avoid infecting those you love.

Flu Symptoms Q & A

What is the flu?

The flu refers to a notoriously contagious type of viral respiratory illness that spreads from the lower and upper respiratory tract. If left untreated, the flu can cause severe side effects and infect those around you.

What are the different types of flu?

The flu can be divided into five separate types, each one with its own set of side effects and spreading ability. Dr. Alabbas helps you treat symptoms related to flu that travels from animal to human, and from human to human.

The five different types of flu include:

  • Influenza A: birds and mammals
  • Influenza B: seals and mammals
  • Influenza C:  rare and epidemic
  • Avian flu: birds to humans in Asia, Africa, and Europe
  • Swine flu: pigs to humans in the United States

What are the common symptoms of the flu?

The flu sometimes has symptoms similar to those of a common cold– except they’re more severe. Dr. Alabbas uses his expertise to differentiate the two and offer appropriate treatment. The primary difference between a cold and the flu is that cold symptoms develop over time while flu symptoms often begin with little or no warning.

Generally speaking, common symptoms of the flu include, but are not limited to:

  • Sudden cold sweats and chills
  • Sharp headaches
  • Continuous dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever (100.4°F and above)
  • Congestion

If you’re exhibiting symptoms of the flu, it’s important that you contact Dr. Alabbas immediately to avoid spreading the illness to others and to prevent serious complications.

How do you treat the flu?

The best treatment for the flu is preventive. At All Patients Urgent Care, Dr. Alabbas and his team offer year-round flu shots to protect you from the virus. You should do this every year to ensure immunization.

If you haven’t gotten a flu shot and are now suffering from influenza, Dr. Alabbas recommends antiviral medication, such as Tamiflu® or Relenza®, or painkillers to help muscle-related symptoms.

If you do have the flu, it’s essential that you stay indoors and avoid contact with others. Dr. Alabbas also recommends that you drink plenty of water and get as much rest as you can so that the medication can take effect.

Having the flu is a serious condition. Contact the team at All Patients Urgent Care today by phone or online to start your treatment.