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Maintaining good health is of utmost importance. Physicals enable Ahmad Alabbas, MD at All Patients Urgent Care in Novi, Michigan, to stay on top of your current health and catch any early signs of problems. If you’re due for a physical or need a medical professional to fill out pre-sport or pre-employment forms, consider getting in touch with Dr. Alabbas and his team today over the phone or schedule an appointment online.

Physicals Q & A

What is a physical?

A physical refers to a component of your overall preventive care regimen. During your physical, Dr. Alabbas identifies medical issues that need treatment. He discusses your medical and family histories and performs an examination of your body. Dr. Alabbas might order additional testing and blood work depending on your age, genetics, and on the current state of your health.  

A physical might also be required by a prospective employer, sports team, or by a school you’d like your child to enroll in. A physical from Dr. Alabbas can help you pursue your goals with no medical roadblocks.

When should I get a physical exam?

The golden standard for physical exams is once a year. Dr. Alabbas and his team, however, recommend that you schedule a physical exam every six months. This enables him to do all of the following regularly:

  • Track illness
  • Identify early symptoms of illness
  • Discuss exercise and nutrition regimens
  • Update immunizations
  • Fill out necessary school and sports forms to clear your child for activities
  • Test for TB infection

What should I expect during a physical exam?

The first step in a physical exam is to collect data. Your doctor starts by checking your weight, height, pulse, and examines your body for any abnormalities. Once those initial examinations are complete, Dr. Alabbas checks the health of your abdomen and other parts of your body like your joints or nervous system. He’ll also listen to your heartbeat and lungs with a stethoscope. If you have a family history of cholesterol, high blood pressure and sugar, or have inflammatory markers, he’ll order a blood test.

How do I prepare for a physical exam?

You should think about the physical exam as your opportunity to ask your physician all the important health questions. It might be useful for you to prepare a list of questions you want to ask Dr. Alabbas and gather relevant paperwork to bring with you to your appointment. This paperwork can include:

  • Current prescriptions
  • Recent test results
  • Medical history
  • Family history
  • Contact information of previous doctors
  • School forms

You should also wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes so that your attire doesn’t get in the way of the exam.

If during your exam, Dr. Alabbas notices something that requires further scrutiny from a primary care physician, he can direct you to local medical practices for additional comprehensive treatment.

For your physical needs get in touch with All Patients Urgent Care today by phone or schedule an appointment online.